Supporting Charitable and not-for-profits organisations.

If you are a charitable, or not-for-profits, organisation looking to set up, or grow, and you think you need someone from outside of the organisation to give you a fresh way of looking at things, get in touch.

I became self-employed on 10th October 2010. I always felt that I would have the ideas for new businesses but that I needed to work with someone to get the ideas off the ground.

Despite trying incredibly hard, and attending several business start-up courses, I never really managed to turn any of my ideas into an established business.

In 2016, I was introduced to R. Meredith Belbin and his theories of team roles in business and it instantly became obvious where the shortcomings were and reiterated my feelings that I was looking for a colleague to turn my ideas into a workable business.

A Belbin Team Role Report clarified my thinking and described me as a Plant, Team-worker and Specialist. I have the ideas, I have lots of ideas, I can am a good problem solver and I can see solutions that others, such as  Monitor Evaluator, Implemeters or Completer/Finishers cannot.

In November 2018, I sat down and re-wrote my strengths and weaknesses and decided that instead of trying to set up any more businesses, not my strength I would use my skills to support other people and organisations as they try to set up or expand their operations.

I give you…

Peter’s Brain for Hire.

If you are looking to set up a new business, or expand an existing business but feel that you, or your current team is made up of people who know the process of setting up, know how a business should work, of are looking for that Unique Selling Point (USP) then come and have a chat. Charitable and not for profits organisations can use my services as they would any other volunteer, expenses and coffee.

Before you call me have a look at the Belbin Team Roles page (click here), if you feel my strengths compliment the strengths of you, or your team then give me a ring, or use the contact page (click here)  you have very little to lose except mileage and a coffee (or two)






N.B. Whilst I may provide your organisation with ideas it is entirely up to you and your organisation whether you adopt the suggestions. I cannot be held accountable if you use any of my ideas and they do not work. I am employed on the same terms and conditions as any other volunteer and it is up to the board of trustees or people of authority within the organisation whether the organisation adopts those ideas of not.